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The world is changing

– you need to adapt to the changes if you want to stay on the map

Information technology and the way it is utilized in different browsers and mobile devices has changed the Internet significantly. Traditional solutions that are tied to a set device or place are being concidered as old fashioned and limited. The end user is more and more moving towards a solutions that aren't dependent on devices, locations and hour of day.

The organizations and the working methods of the workers within are currently more networked and global. Therefore the tools need to match the demand and be even more user friendly and efficient regardless of company or organization size. Everyday work needs to be effortless, independent of time and place and more streamlined than before.

What is a cloud computing service?

WebInfra personnel involved in several customers web based service development and maintenance projects - both domestically and internationally. The cost-savings produced by our developed services and user feedback has led to a natural conclusion: The cloud computing service model. Several IT solutions are being transfered to the web and therefore the organizations investment threshold and maintenance expenses are greatly diminished compared to the traditional model.

Cloud computing service allows data to always be available, security and updates to be automatic without having to worry about the storage space running out. Moving the people's work envirnoment to the web is easy since the web is a familiar place to most people. People can get access to new functionality much faster without having to bother them with too many technical details.

Our WebInfra service

WebInfra ( is a web based service collection that works regardless of time, place and device. WebInfra service development was started in 2007 and currently the collection consists of the following interoperable services: calendar, sms and a survey service.

WebInfra is evolving and growing quickly due to the continuous product development. All WebInfra services are implemented using non-restrictive open source tools that allows rapid development of innovative functionality and enhancements.

The customer can pick a specific service from the WebInfra collection or then build a customized collection of tools. By using several applications from the WebInfra service the users will get to benefit from the interoperability of the services that allows data and information to be transferred across different applications. The WebInfra user interface is user-friendly, logical and very intuitive as a whole.

We are able to provide our customers with top of the line stability and secure data storage due to our new and environmentally friendly data center. All WebInfra servers are located in Finland which ensures that our customers get high level and legally adequate data integrity required by Finnish law.

Quality comes from experience

Our best reference are service that we have produced for our customers which has often opened windows to new business opportunities and projects.

Our best reward is the feedback that we get from the customer.

We welcome you to become a WebInfra user!
WebInfra team