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Keep up to date - everywhere

With WebInfra calendar you can handle the most calendar needs of your company.

WebInfra calendar is perfect for time management, meeting invitations and resource bookings. With Calendar you can create resource reservations for example meeting rooms, video projectors, vehicles etc. You can choose to view the calendar by day, week, month, year and also view a list of your tasks by priority. Both public and private calendars can be created and their visibility to others can be customized. It is also possible to view other employees public calendars from your personal account within the organization. This allows easier coordination of meeting schedules that suites every participants timetable.

Efficient time management

Due to the seamless interoperation of Calendar and Mail services you will get an efficient time management set. You can easily send calendar event invitations within or outside the organization. Both attendees and resources availability are visible from the reservation view if they belong to the same organization. As the organizator you can create an event, add participants and send the event invitation by e-mail. The event is immidiately updated into each participants calendar upon responding to the invitation.

Calendar events

The organizers calendar event displays responses for all participants. It is also possible to save calendar events as drafts and send to participants later. When receiving event invitation responses in Mail, the response is automatically updated into the Calendar.

Calendar as a part of WebInfra

Like all WebInfra services, Calendar is browser based and available wherever and whenever. Combined with other WebInfra services Calendar is a seamlessly working efficient service package. Calendar is developed continuously to be even more versatile based on user feedback.