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SMS - for personalized communication

WebInfra SMS is a customer communication service for sending multiple messages simultaneously straight from the web interface.


The message recipients can be single phone numbers or contacts and user groups stored in WebInfra. Recipients can be searched from contacts by name or company. You can add all employees of the company to the recipient list with one button click. While typing the search criteria WebInfra shows the matching contacts in real time.


Administrators have the possibility to personalize the sender name to be a phone number or for example a product name or a brand. Setting the sender as a product name is perfect for customer service situations when no reply is wanted. By using a phone number you will have the possibility to receive replies on your mobile phone.


Administrator can set monthly limit for outgoing messages by company or user. Administrator can also add, edit or remove names from sender list.

SMS as a part of WebInfra

Like all WebInfra services, SMS is browser based and available wherever and whenever. Combined with other WebInfra services SMS is a seamlessly working efficient service package. SMS is developed continuously to be even more versatile based on user feedback.