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Touch screen operated EasySurvey is a reliable customer feedback collector.

Expressive customer feedback collector for your premises

WebInfra EasySurvey is an instant customer feedback device for different customer service premises. EasySurvey combines touch screen technology and the WebInfra Survey service into a reliable customer feedback collector. The service can also be used for measuring employee satisfaction. Top quality device and user interface ensures a high response rate.

Instant customer feedback

Give feedback by pressing smiley icons on the touch screen. The smiley icons represent satisfaction e.g. for a product, service, atmosphere etc. The real-time monitoring of the feedback allows you to react instantly in a variety of customer service situations. Due to automatic reporting, the results are immediately available for the administrator.

Why EasySurvey?

  • Practicality - easily movable device, rapid deployment
  • User-friendliness – quick and easy response via touch screen
  • Real-time – instant feedback based on customer service experience
  • Statistics – customer satisfaction measurement results are immediately available
  • Language options – possibility to collect feedback comprehensively from all customer groups
  • Automatic reporting – informative reports for specified recipients
  • Productivity – rapid response to customer feedback improves the competitiveness
  • Reliability – saves responses to cache temporarily if the internet connection is down

From customer feedback to analysis

Collecting customer feedback lets the customers know they are important to the company and that their opinions really matter. Feedback analysis gives valuable information to the company on how operations should be developed to be even more serving. Customer feedback data is collected from EasySurvey into one central location, so the information is easily accessible.

Valuable feedback from EasySurvey pilot

Does your organization need a solution for feedback management, measuring customer experience or success? EasySurvey pilot is an easy and popular way of trying out our service. Experience the easyness and operational reliability for yourself. Efficient data acquisition and real time reporting enables rapid response to feedback which allows you to develop your operations to meet the customer demands even better.

WebInfra EasySurvey - Your expression makes a difference